Shaping the low carbon economy Climate Advisers is a mission-driven policy and politics shop working to deliver a strong low-carbon economy. In the United States and around the world, we create and implement large-scale, cost-effective strategies to strengthen climate action and improve lives.
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    Climate + Energy

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    Forest + Lands

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    Sustainable Development

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Climate Advisers brings together globally recognized thought leaders on climate and energy, forests and lands, and sustainable development. We specialize in breakthrough ideas informed by a deep understanding of complex policy and political challenges.

  • C-Sq-Climate & Energy

    Climate + Energy

    Our political, policy and diplomatic expertise shapes climate and energy solutions.

  • C-Sq-ForestsAndLands

    Forests + Lands

    We catalyze action and innovative financing to reduce climate pollution from forests and lands.

  • C-Sq-Sustain

    Sustainable Development

    We create climate solutions that accelerate sustainable development, spur economic growth and fight poverty.


Delivering a low-carbon economy that creates prosperity in a changing world requires bringing together the best ideas with practical insights about how the world works. To do that, we work to advance policy and politics simultaneously. We craft innovative policy and conduct transformative analysis. We reenergize static conversations with breakthrough communications, and create strategies to produce high-impact results.

  • C-Sq-Innovative

    Innovative Policy

    We develop innovative policy solutions, which quickly move to the center of the debate.

  • C-Sq-Political Strategy

    Political Strategy

    We expand the realm of the politically possible, creating and executing strategies that turn good ideas into reality.

  • C-Sq-Transformative

    Transformative Analysis

    We conduct transformative analysis that gives important context and spurs action.

  • C-Sq-Comms


    We conduct targeted and elite communications to change minds and set the agenda.

Climate Intel

The latest intelligence about U.S. and global climate challenges and solutions.

Recent Posts

  • July 14, 2014 shanghai

    US Climate Finance on the Road to 2015

    By Abigail Jones and Michael Wolosin

    We are at a critical moment for international climate policy and action. A moment when two global agreements, both set to be finalized by the conclusion of 2015, are under negotiation that will shape the future of global growth and prosperity for decades to come: the international climate negotiations and the post-2015 development agenda. Read more >

  • June 18, 2014 Dense forest.

    Accelerating Global Vehicle Efficiency

    By Nigel Purvis and Andreas Dahl-Jørgensen and Cecilia Springer

    The U.S. government should lead a global effort to improve vehicle efficiency through more stringent, long-term fuel-economy standards for cars and trucks. Doing so would align interests in economic growth, energy security, public health, and climate protection across a wide range of countries. Read more >

  • June 9, 2014 treebranch

    Branching Up and Out: Options for Integrating Forests into the Post-2015 Development Framework

    By Abigail Jones and Michael Wolosin

    Today, Climate Advisers released a new analysis showing several ways forests can be integrated into the post-2015 development agenda. Read more >

View More >

About Us

Climate Advisers is a mission-driven policy and politics shop working to deliver a strong low-carbon economy. In the United States and around the world, we create and implement large-scale, cost-effective strategies to strengthen climate action and improve lives. Learn more...

  • purvis

    Nigel Purvis

    Nigel Purvis is the founder, President and CEO of Climate Advisers, a Washington, DC-based consultancy specializing in U.S. climate change policy, international climate change cooperation, global carbon markets, and climate-related forest conservation.

    more >

  • dahl-jorgensen

    Andreas Dahl-Jørgensen

    Andreas Dahl-Jørgensen is Director of Policy at Climate Advisers, specializing in international climate policy and cooperation, global efforts to reduce tropical deforestation, carbon markets and energy policy.

    more >

  • finkelstein

    Joel Finkelstein

    Joel Finkelstein is Senior Adviser for Communications with Climate Advisers, and provides breakthrough strategy and execution for clients and coalitions. He has 15 years of experience creating communications campaigns for good.

    more >

  • jones

    Abigail Jones

    Abigail Jones is a Senior Adviser at Climate Advisers and works with the firm’s sustainable development practice area, which focuses on promoting policy solutions to spur economic growth and alleviate poverty.

    more >

  • kelly

    Cathleen Kelly

    Cathleen Kelly is a Senior Adviser with Climate Advisers. She specializes in international and U.S. climate mitigation, preparedness, resilience and sustainable development policy.

    more >

  • lapidus

    Deborah Lapidus

    Deborah Lapidus serves as Climate Advisers’ outreach director and is responsible for shaping the firm’s field, communications, and public education campaigns.

    more >

  • springer

    Cecilia Springer

    Cecilia Springer is a Policy Adviser to Climate Advisers, and works on sustainable finance for energy and agricultural commodities, tropical forest conservation, carbon pricing, and low-carbon transportation.

    more >

  • thorne

    Andrew Thorne

    Andrew Thorne is the executive assistant to the President and an associate at Climate Advisers. In this role, he supports the senior management team in their efforts to ensure that the firm is operating at maximum efficiency.

    more >

  • Trapanese

    Patricia Trapanese

    Patricia Trapanese is the CFO of Climate Advisers and directs all operations and finance activities. Patricia has over 15 years of international finance experience. more >

  • white

    Shelby White

    Shelby White serves as a Senior Adviser at Climate Advisers leading high impact result driven campaigns for our clients. He is a seasoned organizer specialized in media and government relations.

    more >

  • wolosin

    Michael Wolosin

    Michael Wolosin is one of Climate Advisers’ Managing Directors shaping research and policy work on reducing emissions from global deforestation. He also serves as the program director for the bipartisan Commission on Climate and Tropical Forests.

    more >

Our Partners

 We work with philanthropies, think tanks, advocacy groups, international institutions, companies and governments.

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