Paris Analysis: Mind the Gap

By Climate Advisers

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Although the Paris agreement will represent a step forward, the gap between actual global emissions and those required by science to limit global warming to 2°C is likely to grow.

Figure 1: Expected Paris agreement mitigation gap (unconditional action only)
Gap 1

Figure 2: The mitigation gap is expected to grow
Gap 2

Key takeaways

  • Under an optimistic—stronger pledge—scenario, the Paris agreement could achieve up to 50% of the emissions reductions necessary to move the world toward a 2°C pathway.
  • If countries that have not yet announced their goals put forward relatively weak pledges, the Paris agreement could close as little as 28% of the gap between business-as-usual and the 2°C pathway.
  • The biggest difference between the stronger and weaker pledge scenarios—about 4Gt, or 14% of the needed reductions—is the level of ambition expected from middle-income countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.
  • This analysis includes only emissions mitigation that is not conditional on international finance. International mitigation partnerships should be pursued to narrow the remaining gap.

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On May 5, 2015

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