Sarah Lake Joins Climate Advisers to Drive Private Sector Action on Sustainable Land Use

Washington, D.C. Sarah Lake has joined Climate Advisers as the Managing Director of Supply Chains, where she will lead the organization’s work to develop innovative solutions to commodity-driven deforestation.

Dr. Lake brings over a decade of experience on sustainable supply chains, with extensive in-country work in Indonesia and Brazil. Prior to joining Climate Advisers, she co-led Trase (Transparency for Sustainable Economies) and served as the Head of the Supply Chain Program at Global Canopy.

Nigel Purvis, the President and CEO of Climate Advisers, said that Sarah’s extensive experience with sustainable supply chains, and her leadership in the field, is a huge asset to the organization as Climate Advisers’ work in this space continues to grow.

“Sarah is the perfect person to lead this growing program area for Climate Advisers, where we see a huge opportunity to leverage the power of data to create new levels of transparency in the forest, food and land sectors; the kind of transparency that leads to real action being undertaken to halt deforestation,” he said.

“Specifically, Sarah will be leading a new project to provide unprecedented insights into how companies, financiers, and individuals are linked to deforestation and unsustainable land use and illuminate wrong-doing by these economic actors,” he added.

“I am thrilled to lead the new Climate Advisers initiative that drives accountability of the private sector for their role in unsustainable land use. The initiative will advance unprecedented transparency of the relationships between companies, financiers, and deforestation at this critical moment in which forests are a major part of the solution to climate change,” said Dr. Lake.

Earlier in her career she worked on Global Forest Watch as part of the World Resources Institute, supporting private sector engagement. At Global Canopy her team worked to drive the adoption and implementation of zero deforestation commitments by companies and financiers, as well as to advance the transparency of commodity supply chains. Her doctoral research focused on how sustainability criteria altered supply chain relationships with applied studies in the U.S. cattle sector.

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