When Heavy Emitters Do More on Climate Change, Opportunities for Investing in Nature Emerge

By Anthony Mansell and Matt Piotrowski

June 2019

Anthony Mansell and Matt Piotrowski explain why it’s so important that companies in the oil and gas sector invest in nature in addition to reducing their Scope 1 and Scope 3 emissions.



Democratic Candidates Climate Race

By Claire Langley and Emma McMahon and Matt Piotrowski and Ben Simonds

May 2019

The Climate Advisers Team presents the Democratic Candidates Climate Race, which ranks the candidates according to four key criteria. 


What is a Contingent International Contribution, or CIC?

By Peter Graham and Diana Movius

April 2019

Peter Graham and Diana Movius¬†introduce the concept of a Contingent International Contribution (CIC), explain the benefits, and show how countries could make use of CICs to enhance their emissions reduction targets and help bridge the “ambition gap” in the next round of updated NDCs, due in 2020.¬†



12 Companies Working on Carbon Removal and Carbon Capture in North America

By Matt Piotrowski and Ben Simonds

April 2019

Matt Piotrowski and Ben Simonds present list of 12 companies that are leading the charge to develop Direct Air Capture and Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage in North America.



Companies That Face Financial Risks Due to Deforestation in Brazil

By Matt Piotrowski

April 2019

Matt Piotrowski identifies four private-sector actors that face various material, financial, market access, and reputational risks from possible connections to deforestation in Brazil. He argues that they also stand as a critical line of defense against aggressive plans from the Bolsonaro administration to expand deforestation.