Blue Planet

Based in California and founded in 2006, Blue Planet converts CO2 to carbonate and then turns it into limestone rock, which is then incorporated into concrete. This process allows Blue Planet to secure clients that can use the product in buildings, sidewalks and bridges. This way, the CO2 is permanently sequestered in infrastructure instead of being released into the atmosphere. In California, Blue Planet’s products have been used on projects at San Francisco International Airport, Levi’s Stadium, and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. It is also working with cement manufacturers in Mexico and Canada, along with power plants in Wyoming.


Blue Planet is looking to government procurement for growth. California, for instance, uses 240 million tons of concrete every year but imports most of it. By using Blue Planet’s products, the state could reduce emissions and save costs. By 2024, the global ready-mix concrete market could reach almost $1 trillion. Because of the expansions of airports, bridges, roads, along with construction of new buildings, Blue Planet is in position to grow. The company also has big-name support: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is on its advisory board.