Cooperative Approaches for Supporting REDD+: Linking Articles 5 and 6 of the Paris Agreement

May 2017

REDD+, based on the history of its development through UNFCCC negotiations and implementation, has already had to address many interrelated issues, including capacity building, monitoring systems, measurement, reporting and verification (MRV), finance, market and non-market approaches, adaptation, and NDCs. The future of REDD+ depends on how these same issues will be addressed through the CMA’s upcoming program of work. As Parties begin shaping the negotiating agenda, they should be considering the linkages (operational and political) that underlie the success of the high-level negotiations in Paris. Paying close attention to the linkages between and among agenda items should help to avoid entrenching old negotiating silos that, in the past, made it difficult to maintain momentum established on a carefully balanced political agreement.