The United States and the Road to 2025: The Trump Effect

February 2017

The surprising November 2016 election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States left many in the environmental community scrambling to understand the implications of a Republican executive for President Obama’s climate legacy – and, more concretely, the U.S. emissions trajectory. Republican lawmakers had met the Obama regulatory agenda with increasing hostility, attempting on multiple occasions to block, roll back, and otherwise defund the his climate initiatives. With sympathetic President Trump in the White House, these efforts are expected to bear fruit – but juicy the fruit, how bountiful the harvest? New analysis from Climate Advisers explores the vulnerability of some of Obama’s key climate priorities to a smorgasbord of Republican rollback tactics, including disapproval under the Congressional Review Act (already underway for the Bureau of Land Management’s methane emissions rule), court settlements, lax enforcement and new legislation, among others.