Thousands Rally at Airport Over Airline Climate Pollution

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In early March, at the start of the spring council meeting of the International Civil Aviation Organization, thousands of people gathered at Germany’s Frankfurt airport to voice their concerns about the failure of the council to move forward on a global agreement to curb climate pollution from airplanes.

They staged their demonstration in the terminal where United Airlines is located because United continues to fight pollution reduction policies.

While Germany may be a long ways away from the United States, people in that country are worried that new proposed regulations on climate pollution for airplanes flying in or out of Europe may never be implemented. And why shouldn’t they be concerned? After all, our air and climate do not know any borders and the impacts of climate change do not respect borders either.

United Airlines and other U.S. carriers are fighting tooth and nail against these new regulations, and are spending staggering amounts of money on lobbyists to convince the Federal Aviation Administration, the State Department and the White House to block climate action. To sweeten the pot, airlines gave more than $3 million to politicians of both parties in the 2012 election cycle alone. But we can show the Obama administration and the airlines that Americans want airlines to invest in cutting pollution instead of buying more lobbyists to block action.

You can help by taking action right now and tell United’s CEO Jeff Smisek to be part of the solution instead of blocking laws that will hold airline companies accountable for the pollution they are pumping into our atmosphere.

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On March 18, 2013

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